Unrig the System

Unrig Our Elections

One Person, One Vote.

Generation after generation of Americans has fought for the right to vote. To be counted. To be heard. To choose the government we have and hold them accountable. And yet, the two parties have rigged our election system to ensure that your vote doesn’t matter. 

By limiting the candidates that can be on the ballot, by creating districts the shape of reptiles, by allowing unsecured elections, and by allowing delayed votes to change the results, the two parties have undermined the bedrock of our republic - faith in our election system. They have rigged the elections so your vote doesn’t matter. 

It’s time to Unrig our Elections:

  • Ballot Access Reform - Ballot access reform in all 50 states, enabling us to choose the candidate that we believe will best represent us, not just the candidate picked by the two parties. 
  • Proportional Representation - Eliminate the federal law preventing multi-member districts and empower Americans to have their vote counted instead of winner take all elections. 
  • Election Security - Tie federal funding in elections to counting only votes received by poll closing on election day, independent observers, and transparent counting processes to protect the integrity of our elections.


Unrig the Economy

Opportunity for All.

America is supposed to be the land of opportunity. But a complicated tax system that makes starting and running a small business impossible, punishes you for working for yourself instead of an employer, and manipulates the entire economy to serve America’s largest corporations has changed that. Over the past several decades, through corporate welfare and lobbying power, America’s largest corporations have ensured an economy that works for them, not for us. 

It’s time to Unrig the Economy.

  • One Tax Code for Everyone - No more loopholes. No more tax breaks. No more 50-page tax forms. No more IRS threats. A national consumption tax eliminates the income tax, closes the loopholes, and eliminates the IRS so everyone pays the same tax. 
  • Fair FICA - Right now, you’re double-taxed if you work for yourself. Fair FICA will cut the self-employment tax in half to ensure contractors, creators, uber drivers, and more aren’t double-taxed simply because they are self-employed. 
  • Remove the Central Bankers - During the COVID-19 Pandemic, while Americans got $1000 checks, big corporations raked in trillions from the Federal Reserve. It’s time to stop allowing central banks to run the economy and subject the economy to supply and demand. 


Unrig Healthcare

Empower Competition.

Our healthcare system is the most expensive in the world, and it keeps getting more expensive because instead of benefiting patients, the healthcare system today primarily exists to enrich large hospitals, healthcare providers, and large insurance companies. This results in Americans paying 2-3x the healthcare costs of any other prosperous nation, getting low quality care, and still waiting months to get a doctor. 

It’s time to unrig our Healthcare System.

  • Transparent Pricing - The healthcare system is the only system in America where you can’t see the prices beforehand. We need to tie federal funding to transparent, listed prices for all procedures at every provider that receives medicare or medicaid funding. 
  • HSA Expansion and HDAs - Healthcare Savings Accounts (HSAs) gave incredible freedom to employees on how they spend their healthcare dollars. We need to expand these HSAs for current employees, and empower medicare and medicaid recipients with similar freedom to choose how to spend their medicare and medicaid dollars.
  • Healthcare Group Formation - Empower anyone to form a group for health insurance purposes - not just employers - to allow for an explosion of competition in the insurance market.