A Government of, by, and for the people.

Our government is rigged. Instead of serving the people, bureaucrats, politicians, and the president have protected corruption and isolated themselves from accountability. Unrigging our government means empowering you to hold Congress accountable, reigning in federal agencies, and returning presidential powers to congress. 

Holding Congress Accountable

Corrupt members of congress are re-elected year after year. A ban on insider trading is rarely enforced. And congress has set up elections to ensure their corporate pals always win. The first step to unrigging our government is to hold congress accountable. 

Congress uses the two party system, corporate dollars, and media influence to stay in office far after they should be. Despite the STOCK Act being passed in 2012 to ban insider trading, it is rarely enforced on Congress. And Congress has made sure that while their corporate buddies can spend unlimited amounts on their elections, your voice is limited. 

Holding congress accountable requires term limits, enforcing the insider trading law, and allowing individuals to take back control of funding elections:

  • Pass Term Limits - If you can’t do your job in 12 years, you shouldn’t be in office. I’ll pass 12-year term limits either through congress or by rallying the state via Constitutional Amendment. 
  • Enforce the STOCK Act - I’ll immediately order the Department of Justice to start enforcing the STOCK Act and insider trading violations in Congress. 
  • Unlimited Individual Contributions - We need to end corporate control of our elections. I’ll ensure that individuals can give unlimited amounts to the candidate of their choice to fight back against PACs and Super PACs. 

Reigning In Federal Agencies

Federal agencies are running amok. They ignore requests for transparency, the courts don’t hold them accountable, and they make decisions that affect millions of Americans. Reining in unaccountable federal agencies is a top priority.

The purpose of federal agencies is to carry out the laws of the United States. However, today they are doing anything but. Federal agencies consistently make “regulations” that qualify as laws themselves, are given wide leeway by the courts when they violate your rights, and delay and deny transparency requests for years so no one involved can be held accountable. 

Reining in federal agencies means limiting their regulatory power, eliminating agency deference, and reforming the Freedom of Information Act:

  • Pass the REINS Act - Federal agencies consistently make regulations with massive impact and little accountability. The REINS Act will ban federal agencies from passing any regulation that has a more than $100 million impact on the economy. 
  • Eliminate Agency Deference - The courts today have adopted a doctrine of automatically believing whatever a federal agency says in court, and requiring the citizen to prove otherwise. I will order all federal agencies not to use an agency deference argument in the federal courts until the courts reject the principle of agency deference. 
  • Reform the Freedom of Information Act - I will vastly expand the ability to get information from federal agencies. I will vastly expand documents included in affirmative disclosure, require mandatory payment of all attorneys fees if a citizen wins a case, and freeze funding to any agency that doesn’t respond to a FOIA within 20 days. 

Limiting Presidential Power

The President has far too much power. He can declare war, a national emergency, or pass an executive order without congressional oversight. It’s far past time to put checks on an imperial presidency. 

The President going to war without Congressional approval has led to costly wars from Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq and to military engagements in over 100 countries overseas. National Emergency powers wielded by the president include the power to take over industries, control communications, and seize Americans’ bank accounts. Executive Orders for decades have made the president into an elected king instead of a representative of the people.

Limiting presidential power means requiring congress to approve any future wars, eliminating all existing national emergencies, and ending all executive orders that apply to people outside of the federal government:

  • Refuse to Declare War without Congress - I will end all current authorizations of force and require Congress to declare war before engaging in military action abroad. 
  • Repeal All National Emergencies - I will repeal all 42 currently active national emergency declarations and relinquish presidential emergency powers back to Congress. 
  • Repeal Executive Orders - Executive orders are supposed to be directives from the president to federal agencies. I will repeal all current executive orders that apply to non-federal employees, vastly limiting the power of the presidency and returning it to the people.