An economy that works for all of us. Not just the 1%. 

Our economy is rigged. The government gives banks and corporations bailouts and tax loopholes, while the cost of groceries, gas, and our homes goes up. It’s time to reignite the economy and ensure prosperity for everyone.

Cancel the Banks' Credit Card

While the price of your groceries, gas, and housing went up, the government handed trillions in short-term loans to America's biggest banks, and paid them billions to keep that money out of your pockets. The most important way to unrig the economy is to cancel the banks' credit card. 

There is no more rigged system than the Federal Reserve. While Americans got $1000 checks, corporations and banks raked in trillions from the "Fed", insulating them from inflation and driving the cost of your groceries, gas, and homes through the roof.

Unrigging the economy means ending this off-the-books bank bailout and ensuring a level playing field for every American:

  • Cancel the Banks’ Credit Card - When our founders created the U.S. Constitution, they explicitly prohibited the states from offering lines of credit.  Similar to the states, ban the federal government from issuing any future credit through the Federal Reserve or otherwise, restricting it to borrowing directly from the American people. Shut down the Federal Reserve's loan programs and roll any regulatory and statistical activities managed by the FED into the FDIC. 
  • Stop Paying Interest to Banks - Reduce Interest on Reserve Balances payments to banks to 0% over one year and cancel the Interest on Reserve Balances program to stop the never ending bank bailouts. 
  • Protect Alternative Currencies - Make Bitcoin and other alternative currencies voluntary legal tender to give Americans a safe haven from inflation. 

Win the Energy Race

China, India, and Russia are racing to be the world’s energy superpower. We must beat them. 

Energy is the new space race. The country with the lowest cost of energy will have the lowest cost of living for its citizens. Right now, China, India, and Russia are leading this race. China has committed to building 150 nuclear reactors in the next 20 years. India and Russia are fast-developing energy infrastructure to take over the United States while the US lags behind. 

If we want to reignite the economy, beat Russia and China, and massively reduce the cost of energy for all Americans, we must: 

  • End the Wars, Explode American Energy - We need to end our endless wars overseas and make a one-time investment in American energy research to explode American innovation. 
  • Unleash Energy Potential - Eliminate energy regulations on institutional and individual energy production to unleash America's energy potential.
  • Energy Race Bond - Create a bond where Americans can invest in the energy race and be a part of the great American energy race. 

One Tax Code for Everyone

Corporations and the wealthy use loopholes to get around taxes. Your taxes are ridiculously complicated. The IRS strikes fear into every American by auditing who they shouldn’t and not auditing who they should. We need one federal tax for everyone, and to make the IRS unnecessary. 

Our tax code is the number one way our economy is rigged. Loopholes for corporations and complicated forms for you ensure that while major corporations like Amazon, Facebook, and Google pay little to no taxes, you (who can’t afford a Congressman) pay the difference. Our 70,000 page tax code is then enforced by a biased IRS that audits citizens without consequence when they get it wrong. 

Unrigging the economy means wiping clean our entire tax code, having one, single federal tax for everyone, and abolishing the IRS:

  • Stop Taxing Income - Eliminate the income tax and replace with a single, national sales tax. 
  • One Tax Code for Everyone - Eliminate all tax loopholes and have a simple tax code with one federal tax for everyone. 
  • Abolish the IRS - Eliminate the IRS.