Kick the middlemen and bureaucrats out of our healthcare.

Our healthcare system is rigged. The entire healthcare system is built to take dollars out of your pocket and send them to private insurance companies, hospitals, and drug manufacturers. The government protects this healthcare monopoly by subsidizing these companies and limiting your choices to them. We need to empower citizens to make their own healthcare choices and get the care that's best for them.

Healthcare for Individuals and Families

Insurance companies and the federal government control your healthcare. Outdated regulations hurt our doctors and reduce the quality of your care. Hospitals ignoring price transparency leads to surprise medical bills in your mailbox. It’s time to empower you to make your own choices. 

Healthcare is the only industry in the United States where you don’t know the price before you buy. As a result, Americans today spend up to 35% of their income just on healthcare, over 2x what they spend on food. While Health Savings Accounts have empowered some Americans to pay healthcare bills directly, they are still tied to your insurance company - and your job. And hospitals nationwide have been outright ignoring transparency laws - leaving you with the bill. 

Unrigging healthcare requires empowering you to choose how to spend your healthcare dollars, eliminating the regulations harming doctors, and enforcing our existing transparency requirements:

  • Expand Health Savings Accounts - While Health Savings Accounts gave the ability to spend tax-free dollars on healthcare to millions of Americans, they are still tied to health insurance. We need to expand HSAs so every American can pay cash for healthcare without insurance.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Regulations - Without enough doctors, nurses, and healthcare options, the price of healthcare will always go up. I will eliminate unnecessary regulations like non-health and safety Conditions of Participation, electronic health records certification requirements, and restrictions on telehealth to encourage more doctors, nurses, and options in our healthcare system.
  • Enforce Existing Law - HHS passed a rule in 2021 requiring hospitals to post their prices publicly, but it has largely been ignored. I will order HHS to withhold federal funding from any provider that is not being transparent with its prices - so you have the information you need to choose the best healthcare for you and your family.

Healthcare for Medicare and Medicaid Enrollees

The Federal Government is America’s largest healthcare provider. But the quality of care for people reliant on our programs is abysmal. The cost overruns from these programs are out of control. And a lack of transparency means we don’t even know how our money is being spent. 

The Federal government funds nearly 40% of all healthcare expenses in the United States. Yet for the people on Medicaid and Medicare, among many other healthcare programs, long waiting lists, missed appointments, and low quality of care harm people reliant on these programs. Sweetheart deals for insurance companies and medical conglomerates ensure that the costs of these programs are out of control. Numerous agencies track all federal medical spending so it is impossible to know just how much it costs and where adjustments can be made. 

Unrigging healthcare for Americans reliant on federal health programs means healthcare debit accounts, healthcare price transparency, and reducing the costs of care. 

  • Create Healthcare Debit Accounts - I will empower current Medicare and Medicaid Recipients to choose where to spend $5,000 of their federal healthcare dollars per year - driving innovation, reducing prices, and increasing choice in the healthcare system.
  • Launch - Government spending on healthcare is incredibly difficult to track, hidden in thousand-page documents, complicated contracts, and deep in agency files. I will launch, a website where all contracts, spending, and receipts for federal healthcare programs are posted so we can identify overspending, sweetheart deals, and special favors.
  • Reducing Federal Healthcare Spending - Finally, I’ll use the above data to reduce federal spending, enabling us to reduce the costs of Medicare and Medicaid to a manageable level without harming the individuals reliant on these programs.