Lars MapsteadLars Mapstead is a tech entrepreneur, road racing enthusiast, and 2024 Libertarian Candidate for President. He grew up in poverty, living out of a small barn in Big Sur, California until the death of his grandfather in a hit-and-run accident. Bounced around from relative to relative, he overcame alcohol, drugs, and incredible odds to found and co-found multiple internet startups. The largest of these startups was FriendFinder Networks, which he grew into one of the world’s largest social media companies before he sold it in 2007.

As Lars built his businesses, he has watched as in election after election third parties and American voices are being silenced. Americans are being forced to vote for the same two parties, and nearly the exact same candidates, over and over again. Lars is running for President in 2024 to unrig the system, bring fundamental change to our elections, and return our government back to the American people - where it belongs.


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