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Meet Lars Mapstead, a visionary leader with a remarkable journey of perseverance and success. Born and raised in modest circumstances, Lars learned the value of hard work and determination early on. With a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, he went on to establish multiple thriving internet companies, gaining a diverse understanding of the needs of people from different communities.

As a true champion of individual liberty and limited government, Lars is dedicated to freeing Americans from the shackles of bureaucratic oppression and excessive taxation. With a passion for ranked choice voting and term limits, Lars is committed to bringing about meaningful change and bridging the divide in Congress. He stands firmly behind the principles of the national libertarian platform.

Lars is more than just a candidate, he is a game-changer. With a detailed strategy to win the Electoral College vote for the Libertarian Party, he aims to turn the tables on election night and make history as the decisive factor in the presidential election. He is a leader who not only inspires with his vision, but also takes action to bring it to life. Join the movement and donate to support Lars in his quest to bring real change to America.